Thursday, June 8

all good things must come to an end

Alas! It had to happen sooner or later. Starting next Monday, I will be a full-time employee again. Coincidentally (or not!), I'm going full-time 6 days after 6/6/06. Additionally, this is all happening after working full-time for 6 years and then part-time for 6 years. Hmm.

Anyway, besides the 666 stuff, I'm doing this for a number of reasons, some of which will likely become apparent over the next year, some of which may never become apparent. Part of the reason I'm doing this is that I no longer have an excuse not to--now that Jake's going to be going to school all day long in the fall (1st grade), I can comfortably work full-time and not have to worry about things like childcare (I have a pretty flexible schedule). He'd have to go to daycare in the summer either way, so that's not an excuse that I can use, either. The extra money will definitely be nice. Who doesn't like extra money? Ask me in a week...