Monday, June 12


Meet the newest member of the mutt brigade: Alice. We just got her today at The Somerset Humane Society. As you might be able to tell, she's a Doberman mix. Mixed with what? Well, that's anyone's guess, but the Somerset people are guessing some type of hound. And, yes, her ass really is that fat. Guess who's now on a diet?

Let's see...she's supposed to be around 5 years of age and is already fixed. Supposedly she is also house-trained. We'll see about that. I certainly hope that is the case--that would be nice. Right now, she's napping on the dog bed. If her breathing is any indication of what she sounds like when she's sleeping, she won't be sleeping in my bedroom tonight as I had originally planned. With the way she smells, that's probably not a bad idea anyway. I gave her a quick bath this evening, but it didn't get all of the stink off. I need to make her an appointment at the groomer's pronto.

While she looks like a Doberman in the pictures, she is quite squat and doesn't have the barrel chest that Dobermans have. She is also quite a bit shorter than a Doberman. I'm anxious to see what she'll look like once she drops the extra pounds.

So far, she and Lizzy are getting along fairly well. Alice is pretty laid back. Lizzy's not used to that, but I imagine she'll adjust. Marley was totally pissed when he saw the new dog (but Alice didn't seem to care one way or the other about the cat). It was almost worth adopting her just for that scene.

It's nice to have a bigger dog in the house again. I guess she could be classified somewhere between medium and large. It was amazing how much safer I felt when Ripley was around. It is nice to have that security blanket again.

After Ripley died, I thought it might be a good thing to only have the one dog, so we were planning on trying that for a good, long while. But, there's just something nice about having two of them and I finally talked Brian into getting another dog. We didn't want to get another Doberman since Jake is still so young, but we did want something on the bigger side. But, obviously something that was good around kids. We were figuring on a mixed breed and this Doberman mix seemed to fit the bill, so here we are.

As is the custom, when I get a new dog, I have to pay for Brian's next tattoo appointment (with the house money, rather than making him save up his hard-earned dough). Don't ask me how this got started, but he's already made his next appointment.