Tuesday, May 2

what's up

It seems all I have been doing is working in the yard/garden, cooking, cleaning wine bottles, and typing recipes. It's quite apparent that I haven't been spending all of my time blogging as of late.

All of the yard work/gardening isn't a bad thing. I've actually been enjoying myself while working on it. This year I got a jump on things. There's still a lot to do, but at the rate I'm going, I'll get to it soon enough.

Today, I received an order from Gardener's Supply. I ordered some new tomato cages, which I'm quite excited about and some willow fencing for my blueberry bushes. It seems the rabbits rather enjoy eating the blueberry bushes I put in last year. They nibbled them down to stubs over the winter (after eating every leaf off of them in the summer). I think they'll survive if I can keep the rabbits away from them this year. Plus, I got two more blueberry bushes last week and I don't want the rabbits near them. Hence, the fence (I would like to actually eat some blueberries at some point).

I transplanted all of my tomato plants over the weekend. I have a bunch of pepper plants that need to be transplanted, but I don't have enough room under my grow lights for all of them so I've been procrastinating. I knew I should've gotten the bigger grow light system. Of course, had I done that, I probably just would've planted more stuff anyway and had the same issue.

As for cooking, sometimes I don't know what gets into me when I'm making up my menus (Yes, I make up menus. I'm anal retentive, remember? Sometimes, I even have menus made up weeks in advance. How about that? Those of you who don't make up menus obviously aren't eating as well as we are. So there.) Anyway, the past two days, I got off work at 3, started cooking, and had supper ready at 6. So much for an afternoon nap...

I am so behind on my wine-making for the year. I have 3 kits sitting in my basement just waiting to be fermented. I need to get on that. Plus, I have 2 kits that are ready to be bottled, so I've been getting my bottles organized and started cleaning them yesterday. Hopefully, we'll do some bottling this weekend.

I've been spending my evenings typing recipes (at least I get to sit while I do that). My mom got some new recipe software (her previous recipes were entered on a Mac and my parent's haven't had a Mac in probably 10 years, so it was time for an overhaul). I volunteered to type her recipes, so I've been spending time each night typing away.

It makes me wonder what I do with my free time all winter when there isn't any gardening to do, wine to make, or recipes to type. Sure, I cook a lot in the winter (probably more so than the summer), but just what do I do with all of my time? Come to think of it, it's been a while since I read a book...