Saturday, May 27

open water

Brian's manager at work is a bit of a film buff, so every once in a while he throws a DVD our way. Last night, it was Open Water. This was a very low budget movie ($30,000) shot by a husband and wife team over a few year period (as they had the money to finance it).

The movie was about this married couple who went on a scuba-diving trip. Due to a headcount mishap, they missed the boat (or so to speak) and ended up stranded in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of sharks.

I found the acting to be a bit stilted at the beginning, but it improved as the movie went on. The ending was absolutely perfect--it couldn't have been written any better.

The movie wasn't quite as good as the Margarita and black bean dip we consumed while watching it, but I'll be thinking about this one for a while. That's all I ask for in a movie--one that makes me think.