Sunday, May 28

memorial day weekend

The weather finally got nice. In fact, I think it might be a little too nice tomorrow. We already have plans to get out the slip n slide for Jacob. So much for getting anything done outside tomorrow afternoon. Yesterday was pretty decent, though, so I was able to plant the rest of my garden. Some creature already ate one of my cucumber plants. Argh.

It was pretty hot today, but we went to my parent's for dinner, so I didn't have to contend with the weather this afternoon. My brother's birthday is in May and mine is in June, so we usually end up going to my parent's Sunday of Memorial Day weekend in order to celebrate the two birthdays. As usual, we had a great meal and I got some nice gifts. After we got home, I sat around for a while and waited for it to cool off a little before I went outside to mulch the garden. Now, I'm sitting around waiting for Brian to get back from a short motorcycle jaunt and then the three of us are going to go outside and celebrate the official start of summer by lighting up the chiminea.