Friday, May 12

jacob's birthday, part 1

Jacob's been wanting to go back to Big Dogz since the last time we went there. Since Brian and I have a long list of restaurants we want to go to and this wasn't one of them, I told him we'd go there for his birthday. So, we went there today. He wanted to go for two reasons: one, he wanted to play a hunting video game they had there (but he hadn't taken any of his money and we didn't have any change the last time) and two, they served his dinner in a dog bowl (he's been talking about it ever since). Unfortunately for him, he didn't have his dinner in a dog bowl this time, but it was enjoyed nonetheless. I reminded him to take some quarters, so he got to play the video game (one out of two--it's better than nothing).

Jacob's birthday is actually tomorrow, so we spent the rest of the evening getting ready for his party (cleaning, cutting grass, straightening up). We still have a bit of work to do, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow morning because I am beat. I have been working like a woman possessed all week. As you might recall, a few weeks ago, I was enjoying doing my yardwork/gardening at a leisurely pace. Well, the pace picked up and all of a sudden, I gave myself a deadline to have a bunch of the work done before his party, so I've spent some long days working outside this past week. I guess the good news is I can pick up my leisurely pace again tomorrow after the party as we have no other large events planned at this time.