Sunday, May 14

happy mother's day

We got to see all of the moms at Jacob's birthday party yesterday, but Brian's parents invited us out for dinner at Off the Rak in Ebensburg today, so who were we to refuse a free meal? Dinner was quite good, as was their wine list. I had blackened tuna with a few glasses of Mondavi's Merlot. Both were quite delicious. Brian had the ravioli with red pepper sauce and Jake had the old standby, macaroni and cheese. The mac n cheese must've been exceptional because he was done with his meal before we were (this is not a usual occurrence, but we'll take it).

Jake's great-grandma Gwen wasn't able to make it to his party yesterday, but we got to see her today at dinner. He got his gift from her today (a ring toss game) and Jake and Brian are playing with it outside right now.

I have been quite lazy today. I need to get something done before 9:00pm when I settle down with The Sopranos...