Wednesday, May 10

educated horses

We've been listening to the new Rob Zombie for a few weeks now. I have to say, it's probably my favorite album from him in years. It has a lot of catchy songs on it. Of course, this means that I'll probably tire of it quickly, but for now I'm really enjoying it. I'm not the only one--Jake loves a bunch of the songs on it as well. He will make requests for certain songs when we're riding around in the car.

I was really hoping to catch his spring tour which was with Lacuna Coil, but it didn't come anywhere near us. But, I see that he's touring with Anthrax this summer. It's not as good of a bill, but I'd still go. And, depending on the venue, this would probably be a good show for Jake to go to. I don't know what this tour's supposed to be like, but when we saw him on OzzFest a few year's back, he was pretty entertaining.