Saturday, April 22

the upside of anger

I used to really like Kevin Costner. He had a remarkable string of good films (The Untouchables, No Way Out, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, etc.) Then, after cheating on his wife and his subsequent divorce, he had a remarkable string of forgettable films (I'd tell you about them, but I haven't seen any of them). Some might call that karma.

But he made a list of all of the wrongs from his past and set out to make things right and then turned his life around. Oh. Wait. That was Earl who did that. I don't actually know what Kevin did, but whatever it was, it looks like he's back on track with this movie.

The movie was a simple story about a woman whose husband left her and their four daughters. After this happened, she would sit around all day and drink with her neighbor (Costner), who she later formed a relationship with. The movie had the requisite plot twist at the end.

I did learn some important signs that you might be drinking too much:
1. you switch from beer to vodka
2. drinking while wearing your pjs
3. wearing your pjs all day long
4. you buy 3 bottles of Grey Goose at your weekly trip to the grocery store

As for sign #4, if you're buying 3 bottles of Grey Goose at a time, not only are you drinking too much, but you obviously have too much money. But, I digress.

Brian and I both enjoyed the movie, but I was even more pleasantly surprised with our snack choice of the evening: pretzel nuggets with honey-mustard sauce. I made the honey-mustard sauce myself. Ingredients: coarse-grained mustard and honey. Pretty easy, eh? It turned out pretty well. And, surprisingly, it went well with our Margaritas. I wasn't so sure it would, but it did. And, it was way healthier (but, not tastier) than last week's snack--a can of pringles and a gigantic vat of homemade chip dip. But, you can eat that kind of crap every week. Not at this age, anyway.