Tuesday, April 4

spring has sprung

Well, we turned the clocks ahead this weekend, so spring must finally be here. You know how you can tell? It's April and it's calling for snow tomorrow. We need to get our April snow shower out of the road early this year. Last year, it didn't come until the end of the month and it screwed up my gardening schedule.

In other weather news, we had this brief hail storm yesterday. In my 35+ years, I've never seen hail that large before (we're talking dime-sized). I went outside to grab one of the "hails" to show Jake and boy does that stuff hurt when it hits you. I was glad Brian took my car to work yesterday because he parks in a covered garage. You always hear about hail damage to vehicles on the news, but this was the first time I was concerned about it.

Getting back to the time change...I hate turning the clocks ahead--it messes up my sleep schedule. I've been tired all week and it's only Tuesday. It really does a number on Jake's sleep schedule, too. He's not tired (there's no reason to be tired when you don't catch the school bus until 12:15pm). But he has been wide awake each night when he's been put to bed (and therefore he spends the evening interrupting my regularly scheduled tv programming). The only good thing about springing forward is that it gets dark later. I don't know why we can't keep the clocks like that all year.

Final thoughts: gardening. My pre-gardening has been going really well this year. I cut back on my planting (I'm only planting veggies from seed this year--no herbs or flowers) and things have been going smoothly. I was a little concerned with my pepper plants because I planted them over two weeks ago and they hadn't sprouted. The directions said they'd take 10-21 days, but I didn't remember them taking that long last year. I saw the first sprout today, however, so hopefully more will follow in the coming days. And, very soon, it will be time to do the real gardening--plant stuff outside. I can hardly wait.