Thursday, April 20

mint invasion

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful day in April, so Brian took today off so he could ride his motorcycle all day. And, I do mean all day. He got up this morning, took the long way to Bellwood and met up with his former co-workers for lunch. After that, he drove here, there, and everywhere, finally arriving home about 8 hours after he left.

As if this wasn't enough riding for one day, he and Jacob went out for another hour long ride after supper. Who am I to argue?

What does this have to do with mint? Well, while the guys were out riding, I worked on my herb garden. I did the edging, weeded, trimmed the dead growth from the perennials. There was nothing more to do. Except one thing--remove the extra growth from the mint that has invaded every neighboring plant in my herb garden.

My herb garden is in a checkerboard pattern, with square stepping stones making up the checkerboard. The mint grew under all of the bordering stepping stones and into the neighboring plants. I had to remove all of the surrounding stepping stones in order to remove the extra mint. Talk about invasive! It does not help matters that I have three types of mint growing. If I can't figure out a way to contain their growth this year, I think I'll cut back to one plant next year to make my life a little easier (assuming removing a mint plant is a feasible action). Until then, I guess I'll be spending the summer keeping the mint in check.