Saturday, April 15


I bought new grates for our Weber grill a few weeks ago. When I tried to put them on, they wouldn't fit (by approximately 1/4 inch). For whatever reason, the cook box had warped and that was the cause of the problem (I guess the old grates still fit because they were falling apart). So, I pulled out my warranty and found that the cook box had a lifetime warranty.

Since I hate dealing with customer service reps on the phone, Brian was nice enough to call them and report the problem. He had to email them photos of the warpage and a few hours later they called to say they'd be shipping us a new cook box. It arrived within a few days and has been sitting in our family room since. That is, until today. Today, Brian took apart the grill and installed the new box. It wasn't as easy as that, but things went pretty well once he got all of the rusty fasteners loosened. I was hoping to give the grill its annual spring cleaning today, but didn't get around to it, but at least the inside is ready to go.

I hate when stuff like this happens, but at least everything went as smoothly as it possibly could and we're back in grilling shape (just in time for the nice weather).

As an aside, I replaced my stainless steel grates with porcelain enameled cast iron ones and I can't believe what a difference it has made. I guess it is because cast iron holds heat so well, but I have never seen such beautiful grill marks on my food. Yes, grill marks can be beautiful.