Wednesday, April 19

10,000 days

God bless the internet.

Brian downloaded the new Tool from the internet last night. The new album isn't due out for a few more weeks, but we have it now! I'm sure Maynard's panties are in a bunch if he's found out that the album was leaked, but he should give it a rest. It's hard to be patient when you have to wait this long between albums.

I gave it a few listens today. I haven't been able to form an opinion yet as it takes me a few weeks of listening before I can form an opinion on a new Tool album, but I'm sure it'll be good. There are some elements that remind me of the last album. I found this kind of surprising because all of their albums have been very different in my opinion. Another first impression is that it is not as heavy as I was expecting, but maybe my ears are just tuning in to the mellow parts. Time will tell.