Wednesday, March 15

was that a bear?

On Monday night, I let Lizzy into Jake's room at bed time. She kept looking out the window and growling. All I could see was a bag of trash laying in the neighbor's driveway. It looked like maybe his trash can blew over and the garbage bag fell out and something got into it.

Last night, I was in the living room and saw an ambulance stop in front of our house. They were shining their light towards the houses on our street--we assumed they were searching for a house number. A little while later, the ambulance was back and a police car was sitting right in front of our house. Brian went out to see what was going on. It turns out that a bear has been wandering around our neighborhood lately. Last night, someone on Goucher Street hit it with their car, so now it was wandering around, injured. So, the authorities were searching for it.

Now I'm thinking that maybe the bear got into the neighbor's garbage on Monday night and Lizzy isn't as dumb as she looks.

We've had quite an array of wildlife on our street in the almost 10 years we've lived here--groundhogs, raccoons, deer, bear, and a ringneck pheasant. You'd think we lived in the woods or something. If only.