Wednesday, March 8


I don't think I mentioned this before, but our two year old living room television conked out the day before the Super Bowl. Great timing. After $100 in repairs, we got it back this week. So much for my high opinion of Sony... Luckily we have backup televisions throughout the house so we didn't miss any of our regularly scheduled programming.

Last night, we got to watch our first movie (in a month) on the "big" screen (as compared to the 13" tv we've been watching, our 20" tv now seems quite luxurious). Primer was the flick. It was a little too ambitious for my tastes. I don't like having to think quite that much in order to be entertained. The fact that the film was made for $7000 and all of the actors in it were in their first roles was a little impressive, though.

The movie was about these engineers who invent a time machine. They get a little greedy and things go down the shitter for them from there. Here is a good description of the movie's convoluted timeline (in case you happen to watch it and didn't get everything--like me).