Saturday, March 11

the others

I'm going to have to stop reading movie reviews before I watch movies. I was all pumped up for this one, but it didn't quite deliver. The movie was ok. It had a cool twist at the end, that's for sure, but I wasn't quite as impressed as everyone else, I guess. And, it got a little slow in the middle. So slow, in fact, that I started to read the owner's manual for the new freezer I bought yesterday (finally, I got a large freezer. now, all I have to do is fill it up with food. that shouldn't be hard since all three of my current freezers are overflowing.) Not only was I doing that, but I was also surfing the internet and drinking a margarita in addition to watching the movie (I tend to multi-task) and I still didn't miss anything.

Alas, the plethora of pseudo movie reviews will be coming to an end. I am cancelling my Blockbuster video subscription next weekend. Not that I didn't enjoy every minute of it, but spring is sort of here and I'm not going to have time to be watching movies a couple of nights a week anymore. Not only that, but The Sopranos is starting up again this Sunday and a promising new series called Big Love is debuting on HBO. Plus, HBO's re-running Six Feet Under. I've been wanting to catch that series again (at least the first two seasons, anyway) But, I digress...I enjoyed Blockbuster Online so much that I plan on signing up again next winter. I always say, if only I could get my groceries delivered to the house, I'd never have to leave home.