Tuesday, March 7

i have a need for speed

Our internet connection seemed to be lagging a bit lately. So, I did some research into the current plans AtlanticBB has to offer and compared it to what we currently have. It was a real eye opener. We were grandfathered under a plan from the previous cable company, Charter, and had an internet connection so slow that it wasn't even offered anymore. After discussing our options, we decided it would be worth the money to upgrade to their middle-tier internet offering. I made the call at lunch and they've already made their adjustments and now we're blazing. I had to tweak some of the settings on our side to get things working properly, but it wasn't difficult.

Here are some useful tools: This url allows you to test your upload and download speeds. I noticed a definite improvement after AtlanticBB made their changes, but we still weren't getting the results we should've. I then went here and ran the test listed in step 3 (from speedguide.net). Some of our numbers were off and this was causing our internet to run slower than it should. I used their recommendations and changed the settings with DrTCP, which I got here.

Tweak away...