Sunday, March 12

i came. i sewed. i conquered.

I finally took the plunge today and hemmed my shower curtain on my sewing machine. Brian's mom came over yesterday and gave me some sewing pointers which enabled me to do the job. It turned out pretty good. Granted, it's not the straightest hem ever to be hemmed, but it works. I mean, I won't be hemming Brian's pants anytime soon, but it's a shower curtain for goodness sake.

Jake wants me to make him a shop apron. So, I guess I'll have to go to JoAnn Fabrics at some point and see if I can find some plans for one. Also on my list--a runner for my sideboard (and maybe the mantel), napkins, placemats, and curtains (gasp). The curtains are a long way off because Brian needs to re-trim the windows first. And seeing that there's already trim on the windows (albeit crappy trim) and not trim pretty much everywhere, he's going to tackle the places that don't have trim first. But, I found these cool curtains that I like and they look like they'd be pretty easy to make. So, someday I'll make them. For now, they're sitting in the project file.