Saturday, March 11

house of 1000 freezers

We got the new freezer installed this evening. You wouldn't think this would be worth blogging about, but that just means that you're not as well-acquainted with Murphy as we are.

Before moving it into our utility room, we eyed it up. Things didn't look good so Brian broke out the measuring tape and confirmed our suspicions--it was going to be a tight fit.

We took off the utility room door and then tried to squeeze the freezer through a number of times--each time removing something else. First went the hinges. Next the door stop. It would've fit at this point if not for the tube running down the back. I told Brian to tilt it up and this was enough to squeeze it through. Phew! Of course, it didn't fit nicely in the spot where I wanted, so we had to swap places with the refrigerator. That seemed to do the trick. I fired it up so it'll be ready for my frozen food tomorrow.

If anyone's looking for a good, used chest freezer (around 5-7 cubic feet in size), let me know. Otherwise, it'll be going in the Trader's Guide next week.