Sunday, February 19

mackay's baptism

We spent much of this weekend on the road as we trekked to upstate New York in order to attend our nephew's baptism.

We left here after lunch on Saturday and arrived around 6:30pm. After getting settled in at the hotel, we went over to Jenn (Brian's sister) and Bill's new house to check it out and visit for a bit. We had a nice evening. Brian's parent's, grandmother, and our niece were all there, too.

The baptism was today, of course. Brian played the part of Marlon Brando in that he was the Godfather. Afterwards, they had a nice dinner at a local pub. We headed home pretty early (relatively speaking) because Brian has to go to work tomorrow. He's not permitted to take any time off yet since he is a new employee. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's in Altoona and had an enjoyable supper and then arrived home around 9pm. Now, I need to decompress a little before I head to bed. Jake and I are off tomorrow and we need to run to the Cozy Inn in the morning to pick up Lizzy.