Thursday, February 2

the injustice of it all

We got a new pet today. A cat. Hardly a fitting replacement for Ripley (not that you could replace her). The cat was Brian's sister's. Oh yeah, his name is Marley. He was not playing nice with her toddler, so they had to find it a new home. Unfortunately, they couldn't find one, so they were going to take it to an animal shelter. So, we stepped in and adopted it. I'm not a big cat fan, as you might know. Actually, I do like all animals. However, as far as pets go, I prefer dogs. Cats are too standoffish. Or something.

Anyway, this cat is currently in our family room re-enacting the Exorcist (without the vomit). I went down there to check on him and he said something like "My name is Legion."

He's pretty cool looking, though. He's a black cat with just a little white and he was born on All Hallow's Eve Eve. October 30th to be exact. Not sure how the interaction is going to go between our dog and our other cat. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks if he ever comes out of his carrier.