Saturday, February 4

actions not worth repeating

I just got done washing my hair this morning when I heard Lizzy barking like a mad dog. And, it sounded like she was in the family room. Uh oh--someone (me) left the gate at the top of the stairs unlatched. So, I raced downstairs to see Marley the Demon Cat sitting on the chair, with all of her hairs raised up, hissing like some beast out of hell, and Lizzy standing on the floor barking with all of the hairs on her back standing up. I tried calling her over, but she went closer to the cat, and the cat started making some weird moaning sound. Lizzy promptly started squealing like Marley was stealing her immortal soul (I guess you need to resort to theft when you're soulless--a soul isn't something you can buy at PetCo.). I was able to grab Lizzy's collar at that point and direct her upstairs. Phew! That could've been a mess. The funny thing is that it's not like Lizzy hasn't seen a cat before, but I'm guessing Marley has never been around a dog, therefore prompting the reaction between the two of them. While Ariel doesn't like Lizzy, she certainly doesn't act like that when they are around each other. I just hope the two cats get along. I could do without having one pet living on each floor of the house.