Wednesday, December 28

the taking

This is another recent one from Dean Koontz. I don't know if his writing has gotten better in the past few years or if I just needed a break from him, but I really enjoyed the last two books I read of his. This book was seemingly about an alien invasion of the earth. I'm not so much into aliens, but this story had an apocalyptic tinge to it and I really liked that. The story had me on edge until the very end. He borrowed a trick from James Patterson for this novel--short chapters. As you're reading, you keep thinking, "I have time for one more chapter." 50 pages later you finally put down the book and go to bed. It only took me a few days to read, and that was over the busy holidays, so that's saying something.

I was a little disappointed in the ending, though. I thought more could have been written about the transition that occurred at the end. The book clocked in around 400 pages, so he probably didn't want to go much longer than that (a weak excuse if you ask me). Anyway, this was a great read and I definitely recommend it.