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ready for christmas

Well, I’m somewhat ready for Christmas at this point. I finally finished up my shopping today. Thank God for the internet. Normally, I complete my shopping by Thanksgiving, but I guess a week later isn’t too bad. The issue is that I’m out of ideas for a number of people, so it’s hard to decide on something to buy for them.

I’m ahead with my cards this year, too. Not only do I have them addressed and stamped and ready to go, they’re all hand-made as well. They’ve been done for a few weeks. I guess the time I saved on shopping enabled me to get ahead on the cards.

I always said I would never have an artifical Christmas tree, but guess what we bought this year–an artifical Christmas tree. It looks pretty nice, too. I’m looking forward to not having evergreen needles all over the house this year. We usually put our tree up and do the decorating in mid-December. Now that we have the artifical tree, I wonder if these things will happen earlier this year. I guess it will depend on our schedules.

I always do a little baking–a couple of batches of cookies. We get a little bit of company over the holidays, so it’s nice to have something to put out. Not sure when I’ll do those. Most of the time I like to do them early and throw them in the freezer. In previous years, I always made a bunch of dog treats for my pooches and the other ones I know, but I don’t think that is going to happen this year. The thought of making all of those treats and Ripley not being around to enjoy them just makes me sad.