Saturday, December 24

christmas starts now

Last night, actually. Judy came over to exchange gifts and partake in food and drink. We had a pleasant evening sitting around chatting. Of course, thanks to Jake, we had to open our gifts immediately. But, at least that gave him something to do the rest of the evening. He proclaimed himself to be the offical "opener of gifts". I had to put a stop to that nonsense. I don't care how cute you are--you're not opening my gifts.

Jacob was very excited at the prospect of Judy's visit. It partly had to do with the gift thing, but he does really like her. All day, he asked "how long until Judy gets here". By 6:30 that evening, it got a bit ridiculous--19 minutes, 17 minutes, 13 minutes...Finally, the clock chimed 7:00. Where was Judy? I think she was about 30 seconds late. I guess she's going to have to set her watch to ours before she visits again as to not cause undue stress to Jacob.

Anyway, it was a very pleasant evening and a great way to start off the Christmas weekend.