Tuesday, December 27

christmas 2005: a whole lot of visiting

As previously mentioned, we kicked off the Christmas weekend by visiting with Judy Friday evening. Saturday, Christmas Eve, was a nice day since it was on a weekend (Christmas Eve is not considered a "holiday" by either of our employers). That gave us the morning and afternoon to do whatever it is we do on Saturdays and then we went to my parent's for supper that evening. After that, we came home, changed our clothes, then headed to church. We went to the 10:30pm service. It's a little rough keeping Jake up that late, but our church only has Christmas Eve services, so we didn't have much choice.

Jake was all pumped up for Christmas this year. He only asked Santa for one gift, and he got it. He was so excited! Note: I learned a very valuable lesson last year--do not buy the kid what he asks for in the summer or fall. Wait until November because that is what he's counting on getting. Later that day, we headed over to Brian's parent's house and had supper with his parents, grandmother, and brother's family. That evening, my parents and brother came over to visit. Then last night, Brian's parents and grandmother visited.

I took today and tomorrow off to recover from the festivities. To celebrate, I took a long nap on the couch this afternoon. I'll probably be up all night tonight. Poor Brian had to go back to work today because he can't take any time off yet with his new job.

Normally my favorite part of Christmas is putting away our loot. I've been procrastinating a little this year and I think it's because I have no idea where to put all of Jake's stuff. Someone needs to buy that kid a bigger bedroom for Christmas next year.