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new job

Brian got a new job. Woohoo! He started this past Monday. The job is in Johnstown, which is cool because he has basically spent the past 10 years driving to the Altoona area to work. You can’t do that forever, that’s for sure. Plus, now that Jake’s older, he’ll be around for whatever is going on with him–school activities, sports, and whatnot. And the recent rise in the cost of gasoline was killing us, so our savings in gas and wear-and-tear is just an added bonus.

Last night, we went out to celebrate. We wanted to go to Big Dogz, but their parking lot was full so we figured that was a bad sign. Then we went to the Bistro and you had to wait for a table there. Then we went to Chilis and their parking lot was packed (plus, we didn’t really want to go there), so we decided on the Alibi instead. Apparently Friday night is not an ideal day to go out for dinner in Johnstown. The Alibi was pretty packed, too, but there were more people at the bar versus at the tables. We had a nice dinner and then hit Brogies for some bikewear. Brian needed a dressier leather jacket so he can ride his bike to work. Brogies happened to be having a sale so he was also able to get a new pair of boots. Good deal.