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day off

Jake’s school’s “Fall Party” (read: Halloween Party) was today. I volunteered to help out at it so I took the day off rather than trying to work it into my busy schedule. And what a nice day off it was. My long weekend started last night when Jake and I made bat cookies for his party. This morning, I was able to sleep in because, thanks to afternoon kindergarten, Jake no longer gets up early (nor does he go to bed at a decent hour, but that’s another story). Given my short morning, I didn’t really do much. I got Jake off to school and then drove over there a little bit later. The kids were dressed in their costumes and they did a little parade inside the school and then outside. Brian even managed to stop by (just another perk of working in Johnstown). The party was next. This went fine–the kids all seemed to have fun eating their snacks. I ended up having to stay there until the end of the school day (which is an early 1:15 on Fridays).

In the afternoon, I started working on my Christmas cards. I’m happy to report that I made a fourth of them today. I would’ve preferred to have them done by now, but I don’t imagine I’ll have any problems finishing them up soon. The thing I am concerned about this year is my shopping. I’m way behind, but this is because I don’t know what to buy half of the people on my list. It’s not for lack of looking, either.

Of course, I did some requisite housework. You can’t have a day without housework.

Next up: it’s a movie and a Margarita night. I had been watching HBO’s new series, Rome, on Friday evenings, but I’ve finally given up on it so we’re going to watch a movie tonight instead.

Time to make the Margaritas!