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bathroom remodel: day 25

Jake was camping with my parents this weekend so it seemed like a good opportunity to tackle one of the larger items that is left on our bathroom remodel “to do” list. So, yesterday, from noon-10pm we installed our new Corian tub surround. As you can tell from the amount of time it took, it was a major pain in the ass. And, we’re not quite done with it either–there’s still some trim and the soap and shampoo shelves left. We’re taking a well-deserved break today and will finish that stuff up during the week. The day went ok except for Brian’s near death experience (much like volatile substances, it’s not a good idea to sniff Corian dust all day).

Part of the reason the job took so long was that we have a window in the middle of our shower so part of the surround had to be cut out. This probably added two to three hours to the project which was supposed to take a whole day anyway. The good news is that Brian will finally be able to shower again. The bad news is that our faucet handle does not reach when we put the escutcheon on. You knew we could’t complete something without a problem, right?