Monday, September 5

the tuxeudo disaster that wasn't

Suffice it to say, you don't want to hear the boring tuxeudo story. Though, this weekend has caused me to rename my medication to "Lawbrax" ("Law" being the generic term for any of Brian's relatives). We'll just chalk that experience up to the fact that weddings make everyone crazy and leave it at that.

That said, Jacob was in Brian's cousin's wedding yesterday. He did a great job, thankfully. He was the ring bearer. The wedding was nice and so was the reception. It was held at a place called the Willow Room in Belle Vernon. The food was really good and the wine was excellent. I like it when you go to a wedding and they actually have something good to drink. That happens surprisingly infrequently.

Unfortunately, I was the designated driver, so I only had one glass of wine. But, after not eating for eight hours, it did the trick. And, we were there late enough that the effects wore off before I had to drive us home (of course). I have become the official wedding designated driver because normally there's nothing worth drinking at these affairs. Yesterday was a definite exception.

Brian and his mother took a bunch of photos of Jake, so I'll be posting at least one of them once they are made available to me. Keep watching...