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hade remodel: tide 5

Brian managed t’ finish up th’ plumbin’ today. ‘t seems t’ be workin’, but we`re goin’ t’ keep our one good eye on ‘t fer a wee days t’ make sure thar be nay leaks before we close up th’ plumbin’ access area.

I continued t’ work on th’ walls. Thar be still much patchin’ t’ do, but things be finally startin’ t’ look better in thar.

’tis hard t’ believe we`ve been workin’ on th’ hade fer five days already. I think ’tis on accoun’ o’ th’ plumbin’ tookst so long t’ do–th’ three days ‘t encompassed seem like one. We`re nay too far off track, tho. I`d say we`re only about a tide behind me virtual schedule at this point. I be kind o’ lookin’ fore t’ Thursday, tho, as we`re takin’ th’ night off. I`d say se’en days straight be long enough t’ work–we deserve a break.

Translation provided by Pirate Speak.