Saturday, September 10

dog run 2005

Brian and I participated in the annual Dog Run event today. It was a lot of fun. I wasn't sure how I would like it as my knees and hips always get sore while riding on the back of Brian's bike for any length of time (I suspect I will have to replace some of those joints at some point in the future), but there were stops set up every 25 miles so things worked out pretty well--just when I started to get uncomfortable, we'd get to stop and stretch our legs. We rode with John and his friend Viola and Jeff. John was the only veteran of the Dog Run in the group. When he did it last year, he waited until all of the bikers left. We did this again today and I think it's the way to go. Especially since the "stops" on the run are bars and many people were drinking, it's not a bad idea to stay behind the crowds. You would not believe the amount of bikes lining up Graham Avenue before the event unless you saw it yourself. I can't even imagine what Sturgis must be like.

The end of the run practically goes past our house, so we stopped in to feed the dogs and swap vehicles. There's a big party at Windber Rec after the run. Since Brian planned on drinking there, we took the truck so I could be the designated driver. When we got there, we couldn't believe how many people were there. We weren't able to find Jeff, but about a half hour before we had to leave, we managed to hook up with John and Viola again. Jake was at Brian's parent's today, so we had to go and pick him up at a decent hour. It was a pretty good day and I'm looking forward to the Dog Run next year as well. We're planning on trying out some other runs during the year if our schedule permits.