Wednesday, September 21

bathroom remodel: day 7

Today was grouting day. To add insult to injury, I started to grout and found a loose tile. And then another. And then another. All in all there were six loose tiles. Luckily we had some liquid nails for tile on hand and I was able to reset the tiles. However, now I'm wondering how many more are going to pop up and just why this happened? I mean, this is the 5th room we've tiled in our house and we've never had this problem before. All I can figure is that I spread the mortar too far and it started to dry before I laid the tile. I can only hope this is the case because then all of the tiles won't be affected. All of the tiles that are going to be under the vanity were in perfect shape, of course.

The good news is that we're running out of potential disasters for the project. The other good news is that the satisfaction I get from a finished tile floor, I may get to experience again and again if any other tiles decide to pop up.