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bathroom remodel: day 6

Today was ceramic tile day. It came out awesome. We did gray and white in a checkerboard pattern. The tiles were 6″x6″ in size. I’m really happy with the job. There was one snag, of course. We bought a box of the ceramic baseboard trim. I started taking the pieces out of the box and they came out in pieces. Uh oh. We ended up just three short. All told, there were six broken pieces that will be going back to Lowe’s sometime soon–that stuff’s too expensive to chalk up to a loss. There were three other broken pieces that we were able to get parts from. That’s a lot of broken stuff. Plus the one box of ceramic tile we ordered was obviously dropped on its side at some point and the ends of half of the tiles were broken off. But at least we were able to use these at the “cut” pieces. And we have a half box of each color left over so there was enough to cover any losses.

Brian took his bike to Lowe’s and is trying to buy the pieces we need plus a few extra to have on hand. I sure hope they have them in stock. I hate it when a job is so close to being done, but you can’t complete it.

Tomorrow will be an easy day. Brian goes back to work. I’m off for one more day, but I can’t work in the bathroom tomorrow because the tile needs to set for 24 hours before it gets any traffic. Tomorrow evening we’ll be able to grout. Then, at least the floor will be done. So, I guess during the day I’ll get caught up on my other work that I’ve been ignoring for the past week. A nap would be nice, too.