Thursday, September 15

bathroom remodel: day 1

Today started the remodel of our main bathroom. Brian and I are off work for about the next week so we can work on this project. Being the only bathroom in the house with bathing facilities, this required that we accomplish a few things today--namely installing the new tub.

We started working at 9am this morning. Jake, surprisingly, was a big help this morning (don't worry--he was a total pain in the ass the rest of the day so he made up for it). I guess anything that involves destruction, he's into. He helped us remove the (pink) ceramic tile from the walls. He almost did one wall himself! Just before Jake had to leave for school, Brian started to work on the removal of our cast iron tub. The way you remove a cast iron tub is with a sledge hammer, by the way. This took about an hour. We got the truck all loaded up and Brian was off to the dump and to the lumber store to pick up some maple for the vanity he was supposed to have done by now.

While he was gone, I did some clean-up work. When Brian returned, he noticed that we forgot to remove the cabinet above the toilet. Luckily, everything below "eye level" was taken care of. I guess the cabinet will be removed of tomorrow. Good thing we have a shed to store our "garbage" in.

Next, we started on the tub installation. Of course, nothing ever goes how you want. We had to remove some of the plaster from the tub area in order to squeeze the tub in. No big deal because the tub surround is going to cover that area so it won't take much effort to fix. It did take much effort to install, though. After that came the drain plumbing. You'd think this would be easy, but it's not. We got the plumbing to work well enough so that we could all bathe this evening, but it still needs some work tomorrow.

If nothing else, all traces of pink have finally been removed from my house. We'll call it a winner.