Monday, August 1

six feet under

Only three episodes left in my current favorite television show. After the uninteresting 3rd and mostly uninteresting 4th seasons, I didn't think I'd be sad to see the show end. But, they've really picked up the pace of the plot and this season has my undivided attention--not quite to the point that seasons 1 and 2 did, but it's not over yet...

I will definitely miss it once it's over. I might have to watch the first and second seasons again. Historically, HBO will likely run all 5 seasons in a row sometime soon. I don't know that I could sit through seasons 3 and 4 again. Maybe 4, but definitely not 3. We'll have to see. It's not like there's much else on tv these days. I can only hope that HBO's newest series, Rome, will help fill the void. The Comeback definitely did not make the cut at our house. That show was supposed to be funny (I think), but it was just painful to watch. Still, I would've watched the whole season, but I was sick of hearing Brian complain about it the entire time it was on, so I gave it up for reruns of Family Guy (which is definitely hilarious).

I used to look forward to the new television schedule in the fall, but not any more. Now, I just look forward to my HBO favorites. Lucky for me, HBO runs new programming all year round, so there's bound to be something good on at any given point. HBO: whatever the cost, it's worth the money.