Tuesday, August 30

mary had a little lamb

And two helpings of corn.***

After years of trying different varieties, I finally got some good corn from my garden. This evening, I was pondering what vegetable to make for supper when I remembered that my corn looked like it was ready. So, I picked a few ears and was pleasantly surprised that it appeared to be edible. I cooked it up and we had it along with some grilled leg of lamb and couscous for supper. Dee-licious.

I guess this means I should plant the same corn again next year so I can determine if this year was a fluke or not. Conveniently enough, I am currently plotting next year's garden, so I guess this was a good time to find out about the corn. I was figuring this year was going to be a wash, so it looks like I have some rearranging to do. In case you were wondering--yes, I do like to plan ahead. I used to wait until winter to plan the next year's garden. But, I like to do it at the end of the gardening season now--while everything is still fresh in my mind. e.g. Under no circumstances do I want to plant two zucchini plants again next year. This thought may have been forgotten if I waited till January to do my planning, you see?

*** paraphrased from one of my favorite The Far Side cartoons