Thursday, August 11

jack & jill

You thought the James Patterson marathon was over? Think again. My mom lent me another stack of Patterson novels. Fortunately, I had already read all of them but one, Jack & Jill. This was another one from the Alex Cross series, so that automatically makes it a good read. It was about this pair of serial killers (with an extra killer thrown into the mix later in the book) whose ultimate goal was to assassinate the president. I won't give away the ending, though. There was also a side story about this teenager who was going around killing these little kids. I guess that makes him a serial killer as well. Boy, that Alex Cross is one busy guy having to track multiple serial killers at once.

With each murder Jack & Jill completes, they leave some great poetry like this:

Jack and Jill
Came to the hill
To kill
To kill
To kill

I'm not kidding.

My only regret with the Alex Cross series is that I did not read them in order, so I never know where I'm at in the "big picture". Patterson does a pretty good job of explaining this in each story, but it still would've been nice to read them in order.