Tuesday, August 9


It's harvest time once again. What we haven't been eating, I've been freezing for winter use. I had to pick my potatoes today because something was eating the tops and killing the plants. So, I didn't get quite the harvest I hoped for. But at least we'll get a few meals out of them. We had the first meal today and it was quite delicious--nothing beats fresh potatoes. I've been getting tomatoes on a regular basis (Jake eats them about as fast as I can pick them), but it doesn't appear that I'll be having a bumper crop this year, so I might not have enough to make tomato sauce at the end of the season. And, as it usually turns out, I'm up to my ears in zucchini. Note to self: next year only plant one zucchini plant. I don't even grow the zucchini for us--my mom's the one who wants it (she doesn't have room in her garden). I like to plant a lot of different things so I never end up with too much of any one thing, but I do usually have some extras to freeze. I've got quite the array of herbs this year thanks to my new herb garden. I'm actively freezing some of the herbs and I'll be drying the rest of them at the end of the season.