Saturday, August 13

for the seafood lover in you

Brian and I got a Red Lobster gift certificate for Christmas last year, so we decided to use it this evening. Jake was at my parents for the Portage Summerfest, so it was a good night for us to go out to eat (alone, for a change).

After dinner, which was pretty good, we went to Home Depot and bought the tub and sink faucets for our upcoming bathroom remodeling project. I also wanted to check out the other stuff we need to buy (e.g. tile, toilet, tub, etc.) so we can compare it to what Lowe's has to offer. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Lowe's this evening, but I'm sure we will get there shortly.

I guess Jake should count himself lucky. While he likes to eat out, he certainly doesn't like to go to home improvement stores with us. This probably has to do with the frequency of our trips and the length of our shopping lists. I can't imagine the bathroom project is going to do anything to assuage his feelings, but at least today was one less trip he has to make.