Thursday, August 18

feeling saucy

Steve gave me a bunch of tomatoes this week so I whipped up a batch of marinara this evening. This marinara was totally organic--it consisted of tomatoes, from both my garden and Steve's, along with onions, garlic, basil, and oregano that I grew. It came out quite tasty. Brian helped me skin the tomatoes. It is never a fun task. I used to do the boiling water/ice water bath method but this year I wanted to try something different. I was looking for one of those tomato crusher contraptions, but couldn't find one on short notice. So, I ended up settling for a food mill instead. Granted, it was a cheap one, but it was not up to the job. Brian and I ended up skinning the tomatoes by hand which was not a fun task. I make tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes virtually every year so I really need to find a good (that is, easy) way to skin my tomatoes. Ideas, anyone?


JC said...

Keep the skin! Yum! Besides, don't they say many of the health benefits are right there in the skin?


Angela said...

The skin falls off of the tomatoes while they are cooking so it looks pretty gross if you don't remove it. Normally, I don't remove tomato skins--just when I'm making sauce.