Sunday, July 24

new fascia

With our ongoing attic insulation/ventilation project, we needed to put fascia vents in the back of our house. Our fascia boards were painted about 6 years ago. I think it looked good for about a year and then the paint started peeling off and it looked rather awful. So, while we were doing the ventilation, we decided to cover the fascia boards with vinyl. The project came out great. Brian's bummed because it's not the sort of thing that people are going to notice now that it looks good (because it now looks how it should), but I'm sure people noticed when it didn't. Regardless, it was bothering me, so at least I'm happy now.

My parents took Jake on a little "farm vacation" where they stayed at this farm bed and breakfast somewhere in the State College area. Jake was given chores to do while there and had a great time. He was away for two days which allowed us to complete our project. I took a vacation day Friday (it was Brian's flex day). The next time Jacob is away, we're going to have to plan something fun rather than a crappy project (like I always manage to do).

Since my parents were dropping Jake off in the late afternoon, I suggested that they join us for a cookout. My brother came over, too. Yesterday was a nice day to be outside. After supper, we headed over to a party at my boss's house for some drinks. We had a great time there. Jake played with some kids the whole time, so he was thrilled. I am beat today, though. I think I'm going to need to get some couch time later this afternoon. Maybe after I finish a few chores...