Friday, October 1

lost in transition

Time to celebrate--Brian can ftp to his website again from home! Ever since Atlantic Broadband took over Charter in June, he has not been able to ftp from either pc at the house. Interestingly enough, I noticed in my blog stats that the pcs from our house were always showing up as IP addresses. But, other people on Atlantic were showing up as Then, as of last night, both the pcs in our house and other people on Atlantic started showing up as So, I told him to try it this morning. Lo and behold, it worked.

Of course, Brian contacted Atlantic about this months ago and they were absolutely no help. Since his website wasn't hosted with them, they wouldn't look into the issue. Of course, the weird thing is that he couldn't ftp to any site on, but all other sites worked ok. Either way, this was obviously a problem with Atlantic. I'm half-tempted to get satellite tv just so I don't have to give them as much money every month. I'm not giving up my cable modem, though. DSL is not available at our house and I'm certainly not going to use dial-up.