Sunday, October 14

no sale

Well, my motorcycle didn't sell, so I put it away for another winter. I didn't even ride this summer. Not once. I didn't miss it, either. I will likely put the bike up again next spring, but I reserve the right to change my mind. But, without my riding buddy (Lizzy), it seems unlikely.

Sunday, October 7


This was an interesting enough character study about a 90 year old man who is living out his last days in the desert. While I did not find it particularly funny, it fell under the dramedy category.

My rating: 3/5

Friday, October 5

pet first aid

Brian and I took a series of pet first aid classes at Penn Highlands, the last of which was last night. We found it pretty informative, but due to having 6 dogs over the past 22 years, we have already lived through quite a number of pet emergencies. Still, I thought the class was worthwhile and would definitely consider taking more classes there in the future.