Thursday, March 15

cookies, cookies, cookies

I've spent the last two weekends gearing up for Jacob's upcoming Eagle Scout ceremony. I've made dozens of cookies (chocolate chip, no bake, and peanut butter) at home. Jake even helped me out with some of them. Then, last Saturday, I went to my Mom's and we knocked out five dozen or so sugar cookies. I also helped ice them and my Mom finished decorating them herself.

Despite all of that, I made some Twix Thumbprint Cookies last night. This was my second time for these and I made some adjustments. First, I cut the caramels and inserted them into the individual cookies before baking. Second, I drizzled the chocolate with a fork rather than using a bag. Doing it this way evidently leaves you with an excess of melted chocolate, so I made pecan and almond bark with the leftovers. It was a win-win situation.

Wednesday, March 14

ahh, taxes

We finally signed our tax forms yesterday, despite having had an appointment to get our taxes done over a month ago. There was a holdup with one of the businesses due to some tax credits it received. The bad news is that we owe some money this year. After years of getting large refunds, we adjusted our withholding, but we ended up making a little more than expected (I guess this is the good news?), so now we owe. Go figure.

And, speaking of business, we tried putting our rental house on the market again after our renters moved out last year. Our listing was to expire at the end of last month, but there were a couple of latecomers who expressed interest in buying the property so we extended the listing for another month. Of course, we've since heard back from none of them, because that's how that goes. I guess the good news there is that we'll be renting it out again soon and recognizing some income again. It seems there is always good news. Haha.

Monday, March 5

bd party

So, we actually got out for a bit Friday night. One of Brian's high school friends had a birthday party and we went to it. We were not able to stay super long due to the puppy (the party was in Vandergrift, which is a bit of a hoof). But it was a pleasant enough evening.