Sunday, September 14

normal weekend

We had a typical weekend. We spent some time working at the office. Yesterday, we tied up a couple of loose ends and we got some office furniture from Brian's parents. That will help fill some empty spaces within the office for sure. Today, we worked in the kitchen. Brian finished removing the cabinets. I started patching the walls and removing the wallpaper. My parents stopped by again this weekend and did some more cleaning.

Jake and I did some cooking, too. We mixed up a batch of mint-chocolate chip ice cream on Friday evening. It turned out pretty well. We used fresh mint from my herb garden. So, that's two weekends in a row that allowed me to cook something "fun". This fall/winter, my goal is to bake bread every weekend. While I'm sure that won't quite happen, it should happen often enough so that I can fill my freezer with some fresh-baked goods.

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