Tuesday, November 9

where have all the sitcoms gone?

I like sitcoms. There don't seem to be many on these days, though. Reality TV is all that's on anymore. I haven't watched reality TV since the first few seasons of the Real World on MTV. And, let me tell you, that was quite a while ago. Nowadays, if I'm looking for reality, you won't find me in front of the television.

The sitcoms I like are the following:
1. Malcolm in the Middle
2. Arrested Development
3. Scrubs
4. Joey
5. Will and Grace

And, thank goodness for Friends reruns on WJAC. I've seen all of the episodes at least six times a piece and they're still funny. How can that be?

At least this lack of quality TV is allowing us to catch up on our movie watching--particularly since we got HBO a while back. Yeah--that, and the "free" Starz channels the cable company added on recently. In cable-speak, free translates to $10/month, in case you were wondering. Like they need a reason to increase the cable bill.