Friday, November 12

'twas a hockey night in johnstown

Brian, Jacob, and I went to a Chiefs game with Judy this evening. A good time was had by all until Brian got his bell rung by an errant hockey puck. After that point, only Judy, Jacob, and I were having a good time. There's nothing like a hockey puck to the noggin to put you in a bad mood. Or, so I am told.

Of course, Jacob ate the whole game, so how could he not have a good time? Eating is his favorite pastime. It's almost hard to believe that he's thin--I don't see how he could possibly eat any more food in one day. Just what are these overweight kids eating, anyway? Sticks of butter for their snacks?

So, we're walking to the car after the game, and there's someone in the parking lot explaining how to use a chainsaw to their friend. That's something you don't see very often.

By the way, the Chiefs decided to win tonight's game for a change, rather than tie it. They beat Peoria 6-5.